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RockDex – have you hit it big yet?



A music site that recently caught our eye is, a site that will give you the overall buzz surrounding your band.  RockDex is similar to Socialmention that we previewed a few days ago, it goes out and searches various social networks, blogs and music sites to come up with a score that tells you what the buzz is on your band.

Talking with the team at RockDex they tell us they have had 5,000 artists run their RockDex scores by hand and they have collected another 225,000 scores.    The site has dozens of resources and searches thousands of blogs.

Figuring our your site’s RockDex score is as simple as entering your band’s name in the textbox on the home page.   Once you start the search RockDex will search various social networks, blogs, micro-blogs and music sites to aggregate your RockDex score.   The RockDex score is broken down in to 4 categories:

Social Buzz, which is calculated by twitter and posts about your band, how many blogs mention your band and other sources.
Social Media is based on an artists presence on YouTube, Flickr and other similar sites.
Fans, this score is determined by looking at data from Last.FM, Eventful, iLike and other similar sites.
Listens score is generated by looking at MySpace and  They factor changes in your weekly listens if there is previous data about your band.

RockDex also has a chart listing.   The top artists are the ones that have the greatest RockDex score.  The ATP-Breeders chart are the artists that are ranked by the amount of buzz playing All Tomorrow’s Parties hosted by the Breeders.  The rising artist chart lists the artists that are moving up the RockDex index that fastest.  It does this by comparing their current RockDex score against their previous score.

One interesting feature is the ability to use the SoundCloud Dropbox.  This feature allows the band to upload their songs and then the team at RockDex will listen to it and message them back.  They have found some bands this way.

One of the things I was concerned about is gaming the system.  This is one of the downsides to these type of sites and will pretty much make them unreliable.  Talking with the team they said that they have fine tuned their algorithm to prevent this by weighting certain parts of the score and looking at the influence of certain sources.

RockDex is privately funded and in it’s startup phase.  They have a few partnerships in place already.   The future for RockDex is looking good.   They are planning on adding more depth and analysis to the site.  This should help get a more detailed and thourough report to the users.   This is definitely a site to watch and if you are a band a great way to see how well you are progressing in getting a good buzz going for your band.


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