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Socialmention – What is your brand’s buzz?

Ever wonder what someone is saying about your brand?   With it is easier then ever to find out.  This site allows you to search hundreds of sources to gather information such as sentiment, strength, passion and reach to get a complete report of the buzz on your brand.  It also fills a need for something that I see quite often and that is how do you measure your social media campaign.  Often we want to know is the time and effort that we are devoting to social media paying off?  This site is a great starting point and overview to get those answers.

The Socialmention site has a very simple user interface.   The home page shows a text box in the center of the page.  Above the text box are links in case you wish to filter your search.  After entering your search item, Socialmention will then go out to its sources and fetch your results.  Some of the search options you can use to streamline your search are microblogs, bookmarks, comments, video or audio for example.  One thing we did notice is that the more well known your subject is the longer it will take to search.  Searching for Ford Motor Company will take longer then searching for the mom and pop grocery store around the corner.  Which makes sense as there is much more information to be found.  Still, the time it takes to do a search is resonably fast.

After searching all the selected sources, your results are displayed on a very nice dashboard.  In the upper left corner you are shown the strength, the sentiment, the passion and the reach of your subject.  Strength relates to the probability that your brand is being discussed in social media.  The sentiment ratio is the ratio of positive to negative comments that people are having.   The next rating, Passion is the percentage of the probability that people are talking repeatedly about your brand.  Finally reach is a measurement of the range of influence on your brand.  Also included for you is the average mentions.  Mentions are displayed as per minute or per month depending upon your results.  The data will also include when the last mention was and how many unique authors have discussed the brand.

Following this data is the sentiment broken down by total number of positive, neutral and negative mentions.   I found sentiment to be very interesting.   I can see that it would not be easy to determine a positive or negative mention.  However, talking with the team at Socialmention they told us that their algorithm has an 80% success rate.   A positive or negative mention is found based on looking at patterns during the search.  Sentiment, however is more of an overall gauge to determine if there are more people talking positively or negatively about the brand.  Also included is the top keywords, top users and sources.  Top users is helpful when you want to find out who is talking about your brand the most.  In the main section of the page is the mentions that were found on the brand and more detailed information such as a link to the source, the headline, who it was who talked about it and how long ago.

A few other features that the site has are email alerts, RSS Feeds and an output to a CSV/Excel file.  The CSV/Excel file option is very handy.  Downloading and then importing the CSV file to a Google spreadsheet is quick and painless.

If you want to make it even easier to search you can install a search plugin.  This will allow you to search Socialmention right from your browser.  I set it up in my Firefox browser very quickly and was able to search without any problems.

Socialmention also has an API for developers.  The API allows you to return the number of items and also each mention individually.   Currently the rate limiting is set to no more then 1000 queries per day.  If you plan to use the API for a commercial application they ask that you to contact them.

Currenty the site is moving from a project phase to a business phase and future enhancements of the site could potentially include reporting, saved searches and more analysis of the data.

This site has a lot of potential and could fill a need for marketers who are helping customers with their brand on the internet.  I’d love to have the ability to see reporting where you can track statistics over a time period.  It would be interesting to see the growth or decline of your brand in short, intermediate and long term charts.   You could integrate it with news to see how the web is reacting to certain events that affect your brand.  This is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to track the social space to keep tabs on what people are saying.    I know this is one I am going to be using for quite some time.

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