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15 Social Media posts of the last week

Unfortunately, the only time we have had to do blog posts is the weekly Social Media posts summary. I promise some of the things we are working on that we will share with you will be more then worth the wait. We are putting the finishing touches on a couple of things and hope to show them off shortly. So, for now here are the 15 social media posts we picked for last week:

1. PayPal Case Study – Social Media Ignorance
2. The Various Roles of Social Media in the Enterprise
3. 4 Brand-Saving Recommendations for Social Media Crisis Management
4. Incorporating social media: There’s no magic bullet
5. Social Media Mavens – An Interview with PepsiCo’s Bonin Bough
6. The Agency Side of Business: Shiv Singh, Razorfish
7. How I Filter The Noise, Beth Harte
8. Study: Brands Must Do Better in Social Media
9. How Social Media Influences
10. Second Thoughts on Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut and Social Media
11. A Year @Ford – Part 1
12. Five rules of thumb for social media advertising
13. Social Media Pros: Where Do We Go from Here?
14. Is much of social media monitoring snake oil – or have I missed something?
15. How To Evaluate Social Media Street Cred

Feel free to share any of your favorite social media posts of the week in the comments.

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