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15 Social Media posts of the last week.

Here is this week’s list of our favorite Social Media posts of the last week (June 26th – July 2nd) that we shared. They are listed these in no particular order:

1. Social CRM Rocks
2. Beating a Dead Social Media Horse
3. On Social Media And Culture Shift
4. Creating effective social media campaigns
5. Corporate Guide for Social Media – Redux
6. Social Media Mavens – An Interview with Graco’s Lindsay Lebresco
7. Social Media Program Lifecycle
8. A Corporate Guide For Social Media
9. Three Parts of a Social Media Marketer
10. Three Essential Market-Research Methods in an Online Community
11. Five Myths of Community Management
12. Are *You* Truly Engaged?
13. Debunking Social Media Myths
14. Monitoring Social Media Metrics
15. Social Media Example #18: Rubbermaid

Feel free to share any social media posts that you enjoyed in the comments below.

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